Leaf Art

The Vision
Unfication resonates sincere core values and is key connecting real people. The abstract mind merely translates & shapes.

The scent of Amsterdam was in the air as I drove into my hometown. A scent so distinctive; a joy so uncompromising. The pavements on either side were sweet and gay with stones not laid evenly. They misfit but come together as one.

Just as the people of Amsterdam; they shout and silently wonder, they fight and ultimately love; they stand up for their rights and then again not. The joint that connects them is 'the love for the city'.

The bricks on the wondrous canals share that same feeling. Criss and cross, high and low, crooked or perfectly matched; all flushed with grout to become a whole.

It's that grout that is the essence of my work. Colored with metal leaf as these grouts are essential for becoming ONE.

Continious exhibition

As an artist one needs a place to exhibit.

Luckily I found one. Most of my work can be seen at Restaurant Pastini. Go and have dinner & wander around to view my work in a homely habitat.

If you fancy something, they'll wrap it for you before dessert.


Widmar is a creative artist based in the beautiful city of Amsterdam


Every brick has a different texture & style. The joint connects them & is most important.


Soils differ but come together as one and their connecting intersection is coloured in metal leaf.


Turning pictures into sculptures. A different approach to the same philosophy.


Like in fashion all artwork is sized in S|M|L|XL|XXL
set prices accordingly


The exquisite small one


A little more upfront


Bold but not too


Hello interior


Can't turn your back on me

upon request

What People Say About My Work

“We are in the brick manufacturing business. We fell in love with Widmars work connecting stones in an artistic way”

Israel Dorris | Ceo groeve

“It was staring at me the whole evening”

Patricia | golddigger

“The shimmer of the gold leaf bring light to my room”

jurgen | business owner

“Geweldig hoe het zonlicht weerkaatst op het werk van Widmar in ons tuinhuis”

rob | woont in bergen

“Had dinner and took home the perfect gift to my wife”

john | business man

“Soms heb je een gevoel bij een kunstwerk. ”

wim | reclame

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